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McCalls - 6124

Retail Price: 9.75
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Size Required

Misses'/Miss Petite/Women's/Women's
Petite Shirts In 3 Lengths

Line Art

MISSES'/MISS PETITE AND WOMEN'S/WOMEN'S PETITE SHIRTS IN THREE LENGTHS: Shirts A, B, C, D, E have princess seams, side slit opening, front band, collar and sleeve variations, stitched hems; shirt E length is above mid-knee; purchased bottoms and belt.
NOTIONS: Thread; Shirt A, B, C, D, E - 1/2" Buttons: Six for A, B, Eight for C, Ten for D and Eleven for E.
SUGGESTED FABRICS: Lightweight Fabrics Such as Cotton • Cotton Blends • Challis • Crepe • Silk Rayon • Linen Blends • Chambray. Additional Fabric may be needed to match stripes, plaids or one-way design fabric.
*With Nap **Without Nap ***With or Without Nap
Combinations: B5(8-10-12-14-16), RR(18W-20W-22W-24W)

Fabric widths given in inches.
Shirt A
45" ***17/817/821/821/821/821/421/421/423/8Yds.
60" ***11/211/211/211/215/815/815/815/813/4"
Fusible Interfacing A
18", 20"3/43/43/43/43/47/87/87/87/8Yd.
Shirt B
45" ***15/815/813/413/413/421/821/821/821/4Yds.
60" ***11/211/211/211/211/215/815/815/813/4"
Fusible Interfacing B
18", 20"3/43/43/43/43/47/87/87/87/8Yd.
Shirt C
45" ***21/421/421/421/221/225/825/825/825/8Yds.
60" ***17/817/817/817/817/821/821/421/421/2"
Fusible Interfacing C
18", 20"7/87/87/87/87/81111Yd.
Shirt D
45" ***21/821/821/421/221/225/8333Yds.
60" ***17/817/817/817/817/821/821/421/421/4"
Fusible Interfacing D
18", 20"1111111/811/811/811/8"
Shirt E
45" ***21/423/821/223/423/427/831/431/433/8Yds.
60" ***21/821/821/821/821/823/823/823/821/2"
Fusible Interfacing E
18", 20"111111/811/811/811/811/8"
Measurement at bustline
Shirt A, B, C, D, E3738391/2411/2431/244464850Ins.
Measurement at hipline
Shirt A, B, C, D, E381/2391/241434548505254"
Width, lower edge
Shirt A, B381/2391/241434550525456"
Shirt C, D421/2431/245474954565860"
Shirt E4546471/2491/2511/2571/2591/2611/2631/2"
Back length from base of your neck
Shirt A, B243/425251/4251/2253/427271/4271/2273/4"
Shirt C, D303/431311/4311/2313/433331/4331/2333/4"
Shirt E353/436361/4361/2363/438381/4381/2383/4"

Fabric widths given in centimeters.